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5 most engaging activities for kids of just 5 years of age

Kids are kids! They are the most precious gift a parent can have and being a parent myself, I can realize how much importance they hold in our lives. My kids are my world to me and the emotion is just the same for almost all the parents. Seeing them doing all the funny things in the house and the outside is like living the childhood once again. Such moments in life are priceless and as a parent this should be our responsibility to make childhood the best phase of life for our kids too!

Childhood is the best time to make your kids learn valuable things but of course in a playful manner. Kids under 5 years of age may get involved into various activities that are funny and at the same time, offer some lesson too. Here are top 5 children activities for kids under 5 years of age.

#1. Explore wonder boxes

At this age everything is a new wonder to them. Yet, exploring the wonder boxes is a great fun for the kids. Give them a box loaded with lots of different stuffs. Let them open it up by their own and unload each and everything one by one and in their own way. This will keep them engaged for even hours and kids really enjoy doing this. The excitement of unboxing different items with various colors and designs and shapes make them happy doing this.

#2. Play garden

Oh that’s lovely! One of the most engaging and educational activities for your kids. Gardening is a very productive activity for even adults as well and we can learn so many things from it. Let your kids get dirty with mud and soil and help them digging the soil of the small play garden. Encourage them to sow the seeds and nourish them. This would be the very first and exciting experience for them to get too close to the nature.

# 3. Fighting is fun

Truly it is! Having some fight with the parents is a great fun time for the kids and it makes stronger bonding with each other as well. You must have also done the same with your parents and now seeing the same things happening to your life is something worthy. This has an added advantage as well. Having such fun fights make them physically active and stronger.

# 4. Time for some adventure

Give a taste of adventure to your kids. Lots can be done like fishing, visiting a beach, camping out and even playing in the rain are also adventure to them. Kids enjoy doing all these activities. Too add some more to this, you can have a tree-house made for them nearby. But, safety should always be the prime priority for the parents. Let them play and do everything but only after ensuring the safety.

# 5. Time for some study

This can be nagging for the kids but kids love to read colorful books with lots of pictures. You can read for them so that they can enjoy things even more. Read books about human body, fruits, animals, birds etc. and they will keep the frame in their mind for years. Also they will grow some study habits. It’s really one of the best activities for your kids.

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