Custom Labels

Digital Labels – Taking Your Brand To The Next Label

The entire globe has now become digital. It was not long until the label manufacturers realized the fact that they need to put a stake in the ground as well. They began producing exclusive digital labels to meet the changing requirements of the clients. The label manufacturing industry has made great strides in creating new types of labels.

The variable printing technology along with laser print engines are duly appreciated for their immense contribution. Thus digital label printing became the newest solution for the huge demand for custom printed labels.

Personalized Prime Labels – Available in a Wide Range of Colors

The usage of specialized digital presses and laser print engines opened up a wide range of capabilities for the designing and printing labels. The usage of digital presses gave manufacturers to provide personalized prime labels in a wide range of colors. They are now in a position to offer 4 color process labels.

Digital technology has helped manufacturers to design strong and durable labels. A variety of special materials that are being provided to clients include vinyl, polyester, foils, gloss, matte and many more. The ease of digital printing has made room for labels of a variety of shapes and sizes to be created. At present, manufacturers can provide labels in all types of shapes and sizes.

Manufacturers can now easily produce prime labels which will include capabilities like moisture proof, scratch resistant in order to easily use the same in extreme environments. This owes the usage of protective varnishes and laminates. They can now easily ensure that the look and feeling of the laminates add to the aesthetic appeal of labels.

Digital Labels – Receiving Large Number of Commercial Benefits

By choosing digital labels for commercial and industrial applications, customers can easily receive large number of benefits. The ease and speed of digital printing allows label manufacturers to take on orders of any size as there may be requirement for labels of variable numbers and variable sizes.

Irrespective of the size, label manufacturers have the capabilities to deliver labels within a short time span. This has permitted the manufacturers to take on high priority orders comprising of tight deadlines. As labels can now be printed without the need of dies and plates; this has reduced overall costs and printing setup fees!

High quality printing can also be produced easily due to advancement in technology. Digital label printing offers the flexibility to constantly improve on label designs without the hassle of extra expenditure. The digital age has brought in new technology to provide benefits to customers as well as label manufacturers.

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