Worker’s Comp Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Worker’s Comp Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When a worker is killed on the job, specific challenges can arise. If the worker’s employer is found liable for the accident and the employer is subscribed to worker’s compensation, then the bereaved family can seek compensation through the worker’s compensation process. Unfortunately, the amount of compensation is often is insufficient to cover the family’s financial losses. In these circumstances, the attorneys with our Law Firm will investigate the fatal workplace accident in an attempt to determine whether or not other liable parties, not protected by worker’s comp, were involved in the accident. If the worker’s comp employer was found to be grossly negligent in causing or contributing to a fatal on-the-job accident, then the worker’s comp policy no longer applies. personal injury law - wrongful death
As a result, a bereaved family can sue the employer. However, proving gross negligence on the part of the employer is not easy. It requires a high standard of proof that can show that the employer was aware that an accident could happen and did nothing to correct the situation. On the other hand, if the employer is not covered by worker’s compensation, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against the employer. In either situation, specific legal knowledge of complex Texas work injury laws is critical for a successful outcome of a worker’s comp wrongful death lawsuits is to be achieved. With a wealth of experience in both wrongful death and worker’s compensation cases, Texas wrongful death attorneys can assist the bereaved family to obtain justice against the employer and seek compensation from the liable parties.

Texas Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help

Losing a loved one is a very traumatic event that comes to us all at one time or another. During these upsetting times, it seems that our minds are going in a thousand different directions all at once.

However, despite the fact that it feels as if our world has stopped, the rest of the world continues to move forward. There are so many pressing decisions that must be made that it is difficult to know what should be done first. We can help you during this emotionally frustrating time to seek justice from the responsible parties so that future fatal accidents can be avoided and the grief you are now experiencing will not be inflicted on other families. Our Texas wrongful death attorneys will diligently work to make sure that your family receives full compensation for your loss so that financial worries will not be added to your grief and sorrow. Having over two decades of experience in confronting veteran insurance adjusters, the attorneys with our Law Firm are capable of getting the adjusters to agree to a fair out-of-court settlement for your wrongful death case. In these situations, you are spared the time and expense of taking your claim to court.wrongful death law
On the other hand, if a trial becomes necessary, you can rest assured that our attorneys are completely prepared to defend your loved one’s rights as well as your own in this setting. In situations where the defense attorneys attempt to place the blame for the accident on your loved one, our attorneys can take an aggressive stance against such a strategy.

If you are considering pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties liable for the death of your loved one and have any questions about the procedures involved, the merit of your case, etc., you may contact the Texas wrongful death attorneys with our Law Firm toll-free for a free and confidential legal consultation.

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